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Ali Riza SARAL's Curriculum Vitae

OBJECTIVE :  J2EE JAVA specialist contractor, consultant.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Mar 18 – ): JAVA – J2EE Consultant Turkish language parser, automatic question answering based on a pre-given text. Preparation for getting a research grand.

ICRON TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Apr 15 -  Mar 18): JAVA Android consultant, Reengineering of an APK previously made for Singapore Airlines by ICRON.  Regeneration of the source code and modification.  A generic android application which can be controlled by downloading XML files from webservices.  Creation of menus and forms with data from XMLfiles.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Jun 14 – Apr 15): JAVA – J2EE Consultant English to Turkish translation engine project, JAVACC, handmade JAVA parsers, English parser and translator modules.
ICRON TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (Feb 14 – Jun 14 ): Parser consultant, Conversion of a custom-made parser to a BISON generated parser, creation of a documentation system.  This parser is being used currently in many locations on the world including Singapore Airlines and Brussels Municipality for the optimization of various operations.

VBT AŞ.(Apr 12 – Feb 14): JAVA-J2EE Consultant, TUBITAK supported project for Turkish airlines, conversion of lagacy code from ADABAS-NATURAL to JAVA/J2EE-Oracle-UNIX.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Jul 11 – Apr 12): Training Consultant for J2EE JAVA, contracted to BİLGİNÇ İT ACADEMY, Advanced JAVA course,JAVA Utilities Webinar, Struts Hibernate Spring  Intro Webinar and MEDIA-SOFT IT ACADEMY JAVASCRIPT course.

 STEELORBIS (Apr 11 – Jul 11) JAVA J2EE Contractor, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSP, JAVA, SVN, JIRA, Hudson, Squirrel, DB2, LiquiBase.
ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Dec 10 – Apr 11): e-learning Consultant for J2EE JAVA, contracted to Smart PRO training company, JSP, JQuery, JSON, Struts2, AJAX, Hibernate, Spring.

VİZYONEX AŞ.(Aug 09 – Dec 10 ): JAVA-J2EE Consultant, ADABAS/NATURAL to JAVA conversion of an international military LARGE SYSTEM. Formal languages, JavaCC, Eclipse, Tomcat, WebSphere, DB2, Aquadata.

ÇİZGİ TAGEM AŞ.(Nov 08 – Aug 09): e-learning Consultant for J2EE JAVA, contracted to BİLGİNÇ IT ACADEMY, Swing, JFC, JSF, AJAX, JDBC, XML, JSP, servlet, JSTL, Tomcat, Jdev, WebLogic, Struts, Hibernate, EJB3, Spring, NetBeans, GlassFish, WebServices, JAX, TOAD, MySQL, threads, ANN, graphics, games.

VIZYON-EX Ltd.(Apr 06 – Nov 08): J2EE JAVA Consultant, Parser/Converter development for a Saudi naval forces military package. IBM Rational, Oracle, SQL. Lifecycle docs for TUBITAK support.

Ak Bank (Dec 06): One week course teacher for VIZYON as subcontractor to IBM.
Is Bank (Oct 06): One week course teacher for VIZYON as subcontractor to IBM.
Various Companies (Jun 04 – Apr 06): METAB Ltd. (Dec 05 – Apr 06 ):Consultant, CIZGI Ltd. (July 05 – Dec 05):  Contractor, TUBITAK (Jun 05 - July 05):  Consultant, VIZYON BILGI ISLEM Ltd.(Sep 04 - Jun 05):  Consultant-technical coordinator, SCM project for PEPSI with ORACLE, SQLServer. TUBITAK - BTAE(Jun 04 - August 04): Consultant.
YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY(Sep 99 - Jun 04): Professor, OOP course(C++, JAVA), HCI course with MIT and Stanford materials.
BANKSOFT Ltd. Sti.(Mar 99 - Sep 99 ):Consultant, C programming.
OKYANUS Ltd. Sti.(May 97 - Mar 99):Company Owner and manager, OOP, C, C++.

EUROCONTROL European Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation(May 92 - May 97): Senior Analyst Programmer in Air Traffic Control FPP,  Karlsruhe, Germany. Requirements specification, ATC problem domain on a LARGE SYSTEM.  ISO, IEEE and aviation standards, OOP, C++, ADA.

BILPA-Cukurova Holding(Nov 91 - May 92): IBM Systems Programmer, SW customization and installation.
BIMSA-Sabanci Holding(Jan 91 - Nov 91): IBM Systems Programmer, in SW customization and installation.
ORAT Office of Research in Arts Tech-ISU(89 - 91):Research Assistant, USA.
Various Companies (84 – 89) : HOBIM-Cukurova Holding(86 – 89), DanubeSea Telecom Center(85 - 86), RankXerox-Bilsay AS(84 – 85).
-TUBITAK Turkish Journal of Engineering & Environment, Associate Editor & Referee(2010)
-KOSGEB qualified personnel aid(2004).
-Official documents proving I have fixed 23 ODs affecting the safety of more than 200000 passengers/day in the UAC of south west and central Germany(incl.Frankfurt).
-Scholarships from CCRMA lab of Stanford Uni California, USA and ORAT lab-ISU, USA.
-Acceptance for a PhD study at USC Computer Science LA, California.
-TOEFL: 647 (Oct 93)
-GRE: Verbal 460 (> %43), Quantitative : 730 (> %84), Analytical : 550 ( > %52) (Oct 93)

-Ist Boğaziçi Uni IEdep (Apr 08): Seminar on “The Role of Abstraction in HCI Design”
-SERENDIPITY(Articles from the Pen of an Engineer) ÇİZGİ Yayınları.
-Many blog articles on HCI, Systems Psychology, ATC, Software Engineering.

-MSc. Electronics and Telecommunications - Istanbul Technical Uni(ITU) (1982 - 1984). 
-B.Sc. Electronics and Telecommunications - ITU (1978 - 1982). 
-Ankara Science Lycee (1975 - 1978).
-Kadikoy Maarif College (Middle) (1971 - 1975).

-Second M.M in Theory and Composition at the ISU Music Dep Illinois, USA.
-University pregraduate degree in Music Composition at Istanbul State Conservatoir.    
-CCRMA-Stanford(90) California-USA and IMD-Darmstadt(96)-GERMANY courses.

-Speaks English, German, Turkish.  Understands French.

Addres:            Barbaros Mah. Sedef Sk. Onur Sit. G3/13 Üsküdar / ISTANBUL
Telephone:         90 (216) 474 – 8818       
E-mail:            arsaral (at)
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