Monday, February 25, 2019

Effect of Decision Thresholds on Subconscious

Decision Making Threshold
“Definition. A decision making threshold is the value of the decision making variable at which the decision is made, such that an action is selected or a commitment to one alternative is made, marking the end of accumulation of information.
 Description. A decision-making threshold determines when a decision-making process is completed. It represents a value of the decision variable, which in practice could be a linear combination of a set of neural firing rates, at which the accumulation of sensory evidence terminates and a response or action is chosen.”

Decision making threshold is determined by some logical statements.  For example when filling a glass with water,  if the water in the glass is coming to its edge I should stop pouring it.  The decision thresholds may not be explicit and conscious.  We do not really think ‘I should stop filling the glass when the water reaches the edge of it’.  Some decision thresholds work subconsciously.  If the related process is automatic, the threshold may also be automatic.  Many elements in driving have automatic decision thresholds.

Decision thresholds are also determined globally.  Motivation  (related to Dopamin hormone) or alcohol  may strongly effect the decsion thresholds hence the performance.  Mood generally effects the decision making process, hence the decision thresholds.  A dull, depressed  person has certainly higher thresholds, he wants to do nothing.  Some drugs (for ex. Lithium) increase the decision making thresholds and decrease the risk of suicide by a whim.

Focusing also affects the decision thresholds.  It lowers the decision thresholds in a limited subject area and increases the processing speed.

Lowering the decision thresholds globally, increases the sense of consciousness and eases decision making.  Theresulting  increase in the cognitive speed helps the conscious processing to dominate in the brain.  Subconscious does not have a chance to put its output to service.

Lowering decison thresholds may increase forgetting which may lead to accidents.